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With the Qlik Platform, you are able to draw data from as many sources as you need, of whatever type required. Qlik has the ability to collate data from several different sources contained on different systems - setting it apart from many other business intelligence (BI) solutions.

data from multiple sources at your fingertips

Whether it is an Excel spreadsheet, an unstructured file or a database, as long as the system has access to the file then the data can be accounted for in the visualisation. Qlik has consistently proven to be a great asset to companies that have data in different areas, departments and countries which may not necessarily be in the same format.

To use these individually and search on each one would take vast quantities of time, one of the most valuable commodities we have. Time is too precious to be utilised in futile or long endeavours. When you need the answer in a matter of minutes, Qlik is the best possible platform you could have.

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