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    ometis supports financial servicesManage business risks with ease, confidence and efficiency.Learn More

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    qlik business intelligence at its best


    ometis supports financial servicesManage business risks with ease, confidence and efficiency.Learn More


    Does your Qlik Platform need a health check?Ometis will help you get maximum value and performance out of your Qlik products.Contact Us

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    Artificial Intelligence - The last mile of BIGenerate easy-to-understand & accurate written explanations on your data to accompany your Qlik visualisations with Narratives for Qlik.
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ometis on financial services

Ometis offers business intelligence (BI) solutions for financial services companies on an intuitive, self-service platform. Using Qlik’s visual analytics, Ometis helps businesses navigate, analyse and report their data easily and efficiency.

ometis on consumer products

Ometis delivers intuitive business intelligence (BI) solutions for consumer product companies that operate with large product ranges, disparate data sources and complex supply chains. With the Qlik Platform, you can gain meaningful insights into your data in an instant.

  • Retail Retail

    Qlik’s visual analytics help to forecast risk, manage inventory, reduce costs and streamline operations. Ometis can implement Qlik into companies with large data sources and complex supply chains with multiple routes to market.

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  • Food & Drink Food & Drink

    At Ometis, we specialise in building BI solutions for organisations with large products ranges, disparate data sources and complex supply chains with multiple routes-to-market.

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ometis on manufacturing

Ometis works with many manufacturers to create leaner, seamless processes. We understand how to take the data from your core operational systems and deliver real insights into your business – opening up opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in a complex marketplace.

  • Aerospace Aerospace

    Our strategic consultancy coupled with the Qlik platform gives access to data that helps aerospace manufacturers streamline their business activities and operate more efficiently.

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  • Chemicals Chemicals

    With access to enterprise-wide information at your fingertips, chemical manufacturers can make strategic data-driven decisions that are imperative if you are to protect the profitability of the business.

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ometis on services

Using a combination of the Qlik Platform and our vast in-house experience, Ometis can help all services organisations streamline data capture, simplify reporting and improve analysis – allowing key decision makers to proactively monitor KPI’s to prevent issues arising.

ometis on public sector

We understand how the public sector works, and how analysis of your data through the Qlik platform can help with both key decision-making and crucial regulatory reporting. We can help Public Sector organisations improve processes and plan for a brighter future.


    Our strategic consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive analytic platform helps to transform huge volumes of healthcare data into fresh, clear analysis.

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    Understanding the analysis that will add the most value to your organisation is what make Ometis different.We enable organisations to realise the value in their data across the board.

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