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Business Intelligence is key to gaining a competitive advantage in your industry. It’s the art of analysing your business data to make more-informed decisions and that’s never been easier thanks to the innovative Qlik platform.

Ross Greig, Managing Director, Ometis

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Why Ometis?

We specialise in end-to-end BI solutions, from implementation and development through to ongoing consultancy, training and support. As the UK’s largest dedicated Qlik consultancy, we help our clients build intuitive Qlik apps that unlock the full potential of their business data.

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Home - Qlik Consultants - Business Intelligence Experts

Why Qlik?

Year-on-year, Qlik is consistently recognised by leading organisations such as Gartner as a global leader in business data analysis and visualisation. We know everything about Qlik and are still regularly amazed by the power of this tool to provide our client’s with an invaluable competitive advantage.

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Home - Qlik Consultants - Business Intelligence Experts

We'll nuture and empower you and your team to use Qlik through our fully-comprehensive training, maintenance and support packages.

We provide all levels of training from standard to fully bespoke programmes. Our sessions are all hands-on and explanatory – giving the attendees the best possible experience and knowledge while our maintenance and support programmes ensure we’re always there to help.

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