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Chris Lofthouse, Pre-Sales Manager, Ometis

Claim triangles in Qlik

Claims Triangles in Qlik (With Qlik’s Advanced Analytics Connector & R)

Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse explains the benefits of claims triangles in Qlik with a quick guide to help utilise this powerful tool.  Over the years, I’ve been required several times

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Qlik tables

This Week vs Last Week in Qlik Tables (using BEFORE function)

In the latest Ometis blog, Chris Lofthouse explains how to use Qlik tables to generate comparations in your data. I was with a prospect recently who wanted to display a

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Qlik titles

Qlik Design Tip: It’s All In The Qlik Title!

Chris Lofthose shares his expertise with Qlik titles to represent visualisations and help you build compelling reports and dashboards.  I find it all too common that titles in visualisations are

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Qlik NPrinting February 2020

Qlik NPrinting February 2020 Release

Qlik NPrinting February 2020 release has landed following the Qlik Sense February 2020 release and although it is only a single-feature release, it is very much welcomed and closes off

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Qlik Sense February 2020

Qlik Sense February 2020 Release

The first Qlik Sense release of the decade is here and you can probably tell by the page’s scrollbar that Qlik Sense February 2020 is a massive release. If you’ve

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Introduction to Qlik Sense ODAG: On-Demand App Generation

ODAG (On-Demand App Generation) is a solution in Qlik Sense to manage big data sets, ensuring ALL data is discoverable. In a nutshell, all data is made readily available to

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Which products haven't been bought by my top 10 customers

Which Products Haven’t Been Bought By My Top 10 Customers?

Recently, I was contacted by a client enquiring about how they should tackle a Qlik Sense dashboard that would answer a question a senior stakeholder wanted addressing. Which products haven’t

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Insight Advisor

Qlik’s Insights Advisor – An Alternative Use-Case

As the UK’s leading Qlik experts, we know how useful Qlik‘s Insights Advisor can be but after speaking at a Qlik Meetup, Chris Lofthouse realised not everyone was unlocking the

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The Power of Qlik

The Power of Qlik – It’s More Than Pretty Charts

Ometis’ sector manager, Neil Thorne, has experienced the power of Qlik and takes this opportunity to share his thoughts on the outcome. The Power of Qlik At a recent prospect

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Qlik's Statement of Direction 2020

Qlik’s Statement of Direction 2020 – 15 Sentences To Get You Excited

Chris Lofthouse has taken a close look at Qlik’s Statement of Direction 2020 and he’s excited by what he’s seen.   It’s a new year, a new decade and Qlik

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Keyboard shortcuts in Qlik

Keyboard Shortcuts In Qlik Sense Continued…

Our recent blog on keyboard shortcuts in Qlik received such fantastic feedback over social media, we’ve compiled some of the best tweets for additional shortcuts.    Following on from my

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Advanced Search Expressions in Qlik

Answer Ad-Hoc Questions With Advanced Search Expressions in Qlik

In the latest Ometis blog, Chris Lofthouse shows you how to answer ad-hoc questions with Advanced Search Expressions in Qlik.  Have you ever been asked an ad-hoc question that needs

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