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Chris Lofthouse, Pre-Sales Manager, Ometis

use-case for the possible

A Use-Case For The Possible – P() – In Qlik

In the latest instalment of the Ometis How-To Guides, our man Chris Lofthouse answers a customer’s question on a bespoke calendar with a use-case for the possible in Qlik Sense.

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NPrinting NewsStand

NPrinting NewsStand: Days To Keep vs Reports To Keep

One of the benefits with Qlik NPrinting 17, with its web-based architecture, is the NPrinting NewsStand. The NPrinting NewsStand is a web portal that allows internal and external recipients access

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Advanced Expressions

Advanced Expressions In Qlik (Identifiers and Modifiers)

Following on from my last post on Advanced Expressions in Qlik, in this post I’m going to cover two concepts – how to force an expression to ignore all sections

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P&L Pivot

Hands-On With The Qlik Sense June 2019 P&L Pivot Extension

In the recent Qlik Sense June 2019 release we saw the addition of the P&L Pivot to the visualisation bundle, an extension bundle supported by Qlik. This sought-after capability, to

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Concatenate vs Link Tables in Qlik

Qlik Sense Data Modelling: Concatenate vs Link Tables in Qlik

In the latest Ometis blog, Chris Lofthouse offers his insight on Concatenate vs Link Tables in Qlik and when either option should be used.   Finding the answer to handling

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Advanced Expressions in Qlik

Advanced Expressions In Qlik (Distinct and Total)

When talking about Advanced Expressions in Qlik, most people will refer to Set Expressions. Set Expressions are Qlik’s proprietary advanced expression language. Unfortunately, because of this reason it can be

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Qlik script syntax highlighting

Qlik Script Syntax Highlighting – An Ometis Guide

Qlik script syntax highlighting is an efficient and useful way for developers to keep track of their script. Qlik Sense script uses a syntax colour highlighter to identify script keywords.

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Data Warehouse With Qlik

Using A Data Warehouse With Qlik Sense – An Ometis Guide

A common topic that creeps up when first engaging with prospects is data warehouses and whether they should use a data warehouse with Qlik Sense. I’ll be up-front and say

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Qlik Sense Smart Search

Qlik Sense Smart Search – Two Tips For More Effective Smart Searching

One feature I always promote to prospects is Qlik Sense Smart Search; the ability to search for one or more values across all fields in the application. With its auto-complete

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Sorting in Qlik Sense

Sorting in Qlik Sense – A Guide To Sorting Visualisations

Sorting in Qlik Sense, and by that we mean sorting visualisations in Qlik Sense or any other Business Intelligence tool, is more important than you may think. Sorting in Qlik

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Data Visualisation Pitfalls

Data Visualisation Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

We have seen the data visualisation pitfalls of excel for a decades until companies like Qlik came along. Since then, everything has changed. Our charts have become interactive and you

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Data Brushing in Qlik Sense

Data Brushing in Qlik Sense

Data brushing in Qlik Sense is the process of highlighting selected values while still maintaining visuals of the data that does not form part of the current selections. The concept

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