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Chris Lofthouse, Head of Consulting Services, Ometis

qlik dashboards

Displaying Qlik Dashboards on Big Screens

There is a common use-case for organisations to want to share Qlik dashboards with employees or customers using a big screen monitor or TV. This can be used as mechanism

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omitted fields

Handling Omitted fields in Qlik Sense (Section Access)

This is a follow-up article to my recent post about Section Access in Qlik Sense: Row and Column level security in Qlik Sense using Section Access. In this post I’m

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dynamic table in qlik sense

Creating a Dynamic Table in Qlik Sense

A dynamic table shows dimensions and measures based on the user’s selection rather than a static table with predefined fields. The user may select dimensions and measures of their choice

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Qlik NPrinting June 2020 Release

Qlik NPrinting June 2020 Release

The Qlik NPrinting June 2020 release has dropped and we have two subtle improvements which will tide users’ reporting needs over during the Summer period. Qlik Sense themes in Qlik

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Qlik Sense’s Dark Themed Data Load Editor

Have you been waiting for a dark themed Data Load Editor? Well, we’ve got something for you! The image above is still Qlik Sense. It’s the same Data Load Editor

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Web-based development

Web-Based Development – Qlik’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

Qlik powered organisations had one major advantage when moving to remote working during the early stages of lock-down – web-based development – as our in-house Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse explains…

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The Power of Qlik

Row and Column level security in Qlik Sense using Section Access

Row and column level security in Qlik Sense is commonly referred to as Section Access. Section Access is the process of dynamically reducing the data within a Qlik application. This

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Qlik natural language header blog

Qlik Natural Language Tip: Synonyms

In the latest Ometis blog, our in-house Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse offers a tip for Qlik natural language – don’t forget the synonyms…  In the Qlik Sense on Windows February

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Qlik Sense April 2020 Release

Qlik Sense April 2020 Release – A Qlik Luminary’s Guide

With everyone discussing COVID-19 and self-isolation, let’s distract ourselves for a few moments and take a look at the exciting new Qlik Sense April 2020 release. Coronavirus hasn’t impacted Qlik’s

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Qlik Sense deployment options

Qlik Sense Deployment Options – Our Qlik Luminary’s Guide

Ometis’ in-house Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse looks at Qlik Sense deployment options in his latest blog.  Over recent years, Qlik has transitioned from a Windows, on-premise-only platform to offering cloud,

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Claim triangles in Qlik

Claims Triangles in Qlik (With Qlik’s Advanced Analytics Connector & R)

Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse explains the benefits of claims triangles in Qlik with a quick guide to help utilise this powerful tool.  Over the years, I’ve been required several times

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Qlik titles

Qlik Design Tip: It’s All In The Qlik Title!

Chris Lofthose shares his expertise with Qlik titles to represent visualisations and help you build compelling reports and dashboards.  I find it all too common that titles in visualisations are

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