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Chris Lofthouse, Head of Consulting Services, Ometis

Qlik DataTransfer: A New Companion Product for Qlik Sense

As well as recent new functionality in both the client-managed (on-premise) and SaaS (cloud) versions of Qlik Sense, Qlik have fairly quietly released a new companion product that could be

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pivot table

Adding Colour to Your Pivot Table

The pivot table has fast become one of my favourite objects in the Qlik Sense native chart library, and it has its place in every app I build. This is

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qlik sense september 2020 release

Qlik Sense September 2020 Release (Client-managed and SaaS)

As the rather unusual summer, under various degrees of lockdown, draws to a close, most people have been waiting for their sports to start back up, but I’m probably one

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conversational analytics

What is Conversational Analytics?

One of the main reasons we believe Qlik to be the best BI tool available is due to the strength of its data visualisation. Qlik’s intuitive user interface enables teams

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qlik sense visualisation

Qlik Sense Visualisation Types

Did you know, as of the June 2020 release, there are 21 native visualisation objects in Qlik Sense. This is up from 17 in Qlik Sense June 2019’s release. These

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data-driven alerts

Data-driven alerts in Qlik Sense with Qlik Alerting

Qlik Alerting is a platform that increases the value of your analytics in Qlik Sense by allowing you to proactively manage and monitor your business with the help of data-driven

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pivot table functions blog

Exploring Pivot Table Functions

The pivot table is a flexible option when you want to analyse your data from different perspectives. The table allows you to reorganise multiple dimensions and measures in rows and

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qlik dashboard

What is a Qlik Dashboard?

Effective Data Visualisation is crucial for helping you and your team to get an efficient understanding of your data. Our brains are wired such that we process visual stimuli quickly

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qlik dashboards

Displaying Qlik Dashboards on Big Screens

There is a common use-case for organisations to want to share Qlik dashboards with employees or customers using a big screen monitor or TV. This can be used as mechanism

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omitted fields

Handling Omitted fields in Qlik Sense (Section Access)

This is a follow-up article to my recent post about Section Access in Qlik Sense: Row and Column level security in Qlik Sense using Section Access. In this post I’m

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dynamic table in qlik sense

Creating a Dynamic Table in Qlik Sense

A dynamic table shows dimensions and measures based on the user’s selection rather than a static table with predefined fields. The user may select dimensions and measures of their choice

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Qlik NPrinting June 2020 Release

Qlik NPrinting June 2020 Release

The Qlik NPrinting June 2020 release has dropped and we have two subtle improvements which will tide users’ reporting needs over during the Summer period. Qlik Sense themes in Qlik

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