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Chris Lofthouse, Head of Consulting Services, Ometis

Why we choose Qlik

Why Do We Choose Qlik?

Here at Ometis, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s largest dedicated Qlik consultancy. You may be wondering though – with the variety of powerful BI tools on the market,

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Qlik Sense deployment options

Qlik Sense Deployment Options – Our Qlik Luminary’s Guide

Ometis’ in-house Qlik Luminary Chris Lofthouse looks at Qlik Sense deployment options in his latest blog.  Over recent years, Qlik has transitioned from a Windows, on-premise-only platform to offering cloud,

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The Power of Qlik

The Power of Qlik – It’s More Than Pretty Charts

Ometis’ sector manager, Neil Thorne, has experienced the power of Qlik and takes this opportunity to share his thoughts on the outcome. The Power of Qlik At a recent prospect

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