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We’re proud of the feedback we get

It’s a privilege to work with our clients each day helping them unlock the true potential of their business data. We get to see first hand how these businesses evolve thanks to the data they’re now seeing through Qlik.

Alex Walker, Operations Director, Ometis

We work with many customers in a broad range of industries and we're proud to help them visualise their data to make better, swifter decisions.

Our customers know this and are consistently enthused by the results. We are fortunate to work with some fantastic organisations who appreciate the work we carry out and the relationships we build. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our testimonials and see for yourself.

Our customer feedback

Ometis met with Gary Palmer to present Qlik and it's data-unlocking potential. It didn't take long for Forbidden Planet to decide that the Qlik platform would enable true visualisation of the business data.

Forbidden Planet have more than 125 million records of all types of data. They needed a way to analyse it all and were spending vast amounts of time producing reports for staff consumption. They needed a fast, dynamic way to see their data.

As a continually growing company closely linked with diverse applications within the renewable energy sector, Geotech has a lot of data.

The company found their current systems difficult to manage and develop. When your data becomes hidden it then system, it has no value so Geotech reached out to Ometis for a new way of doing things. After initial consultation, Geotech saw Qlik was the answer and Ometis implemented the software in a matter of weeks.

Pipers were looking to gain an improved understanding of the business’ performance, monitor staff KPIs and realise an ability to map results to spot regional trends.

Ometis’ implementation took less than two months for the initial set-up, build and load. Since then, Pipers have added to their original suite of dashboards and rolled the system out to all areas of the business.