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For consumer product organisations, the benefits of business intelligence (BI) are greater than with just about any other sector. With so many SKUs, suppliers, customers, routes to market and changing trends, making sense of your data can be harder than ever.

Traditional reporting solutions struggle to keep up with trends and patterns in the consumer products industry. By the time you’ve requested the report from your IT department, the market has already changed.

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Easy to navigate, accessible BI solutions for consumer product organisations

Ometis can deliver intuitive BI solutions for consumer product companies that operate with large product ranges, disparate data sources and complex supply chains with multiple routes to market.

With its powerful, easy to navigate visual analytics platform, Qlik keeps pace with the market and turns your data into knowledge that is delivered to the right people, at the right time, and through the right medium. It highlights fast changing trends driving sales, demand and product placement.

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Meaningful insights in moments

Users can ask questions and get meaningful insights instantly. These insights might lead you to confirm stock availability at stores within certain locations, or send promotional offers to potential customers who meet the buyer profile for a particular product. Whatever action you need to take, you will be making well-informed data-driven decisions about your products and logistics.

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