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Using data to drive government is hardly a new concept. But when answers are needed quickly, spreadsheets and traditional static reporting tools are simply not up to the job.

Manual collation and extraction of vast quantities of data is time-consuming, and errors can easily be introduced. Dynamic reporting, with up-to-the-minute information, is the only way to make a strategic decision.

gain insight levels never before achieved

Qlik’s powerful capabilities harness data from multiple sources, and collate it onto one dynamic and intuitive visual platform. Insights can be found in minutes even when the data set is huge and spans the entire organisation.

This reduces the need for manual manipulation of reports, and therefore also relieves pressure on your IT team. With greater transparency of information, you can achieve compliance more easily. Project management is streamlined and with a single interface that shows all your contracts and service providers, there are now new pathways for decision-making and efficiency in acquisition and procurement.

Access valuable information that supports decision-making


In a world of volatile finances, tight budgeting and monitoring from regulators, government finance departments are under constant pressure to reduce costs and become more efficient.

Qlik’s guided analytic apps help finance teams:

  • Track spend against budget, and consolidate financial reporting to reduce time required for budget planning
  • Streamline purchasing and monitor contractor behaviour
  • Conduct powerful searches against data to respond to auditors quickly
  • Improve decision-making with real time access to data

With some of the largest and most complex supply chains in the world, government agencies need access to information instantly. The efficiency and dependability of these processes is paramount, and Qlik provides both high-level KPI’s and detailed drill-down information with just a few clicks.

Self-service visualisation and analysis helps government logistics teams:

  • Improve visibility to allow greater cost savings
  • Prevent logistical delays
  • Avert problems before they happen
  • Enable fleet managers to better predict requirements
Workforce management

Management teams can create personalised dashboards that help them identify trends and effectively and confidently manage organisation-wide workforce planning.

Program management

With populations growing consistently, programs and systems have to keep up with the pace. Qlik helps program managers reduce their manual manipulation of spreadsheets and decipher vast quantities of data, providing support for complex decision-making.

Cyber analytics

Qlik is secure, robust and fast. It allows information from multiple sources to be correlated onto a single interface, and reduces the time required to sift through information to discover targeted attacks.
Trends or changes in network behaviour can quickly be discovered and dangerous network intrusions identified and stopped.

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Our strategic consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive platform gives government organisations greater insight into their data, allowing them to improve efficiency, reduce costs and plan more effectively for the future. Contact our expert team today to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.

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