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Manufacturing companies capture a huge amount of data, most of it in real time yet only analysed periodically. Today’s manufacturing companies require flexible business models and accessible business intelligence (BI) to drive decision-making and improve their operational efficiency.

Whether you manufacture an end product or components that are part of a supply chain, deeper insights can deliver measurable results to your business practices, as well as providing benefits to your suppliers and distributors.

BI gives a greater awareness of where improvements can be made

Ometis can deliver bespoke BI for manufacturing solutions, designed to harness business data from disparate systems into a single, intuitive dashboard. Using Qlik’s powerful platform, visual representations of metrics become available to staff from the top floor to the shop floor.

Instantly, you can see where processes are inadequate and should be improved. You can predict demand, spot trends and respond rapidly to market changes. Increased visibility into your operations and inventory helps you identify supply chain risks and spot opportunities for growth.

Visual analytics at the point of decision

Your users can interact with this data wherever they are and using whatever medium is most suitable. From a desktop computer or a ruggedised tablet to a mobile phone or TV screen, you can have instant access via a dynamic dashboard to self-service visualisation, embedded analytics, guided apps and intelligent reporting.

Drive business agility

With Ometis’ expertise and Qlik’s intuitive platform, we can help you drive business agility through:

  • Lean operations

  • Capacity planning

  • Production quality
  • Scheduling and operations

  • Cost and quality analysis

  • Staff engagement

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    Ometis’ strategic consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive and visual platform gives access to data that helps manufacturers streamline their business activities and operate more efficiently.
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