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Healthcare organisations spend a huge amount of their annual budget on operations, so achieving efficiencies and minimising costs are prime objectives. The results of access to greater business intelligence (BI) are measurable improvements in patient care and reductions in stays & re-admissions.

The ability to consolidate data from numerous sources into a single view, dynamic interface can bring deeper insight into all areas. This leads to tangible and positive outcomes in terms of workforce & resource management, co-ordinated care and supply chain optimisation.

Qlik’s data discovery platform gives self-service analysis and insight for everyone involved in healthcare decision-making

Ometis can implement a Qlik solution for healthcare providers that gives immediate access to information, trends and activity across the organisation. Greater insight leads to better, more informed decisions.
The ability to drill more deeply into electronic records improves the quality of clinical trials. It also reduces waste by ensuring that supply meets demand as efficiently as possible, and informs the right level of staffing in every department.

Business intelligence (BI) that enables you to provide the best possible healthcare service

  • Ensure consistency of care for patients by enhancing visibility at all levels of the care pathway
  • Securely share data, analysis and insights across clinical care teams to improve patient care
  • Improve the safety of patients and reduce the chances of medical error, by giving access to consolidated diagnostic information
  • Ensure accurate and timely regulatory compliance by delivering on key operational patient safety and quality of care metrics
  • Provide a single trusted view of hospital operational performance across a variety of KPIs from multiple underlying data systems

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    Giving clinical teams access to up-to-the-minute data

    Care in any sector improves dramatically when clinical teams have instant access to securely shared data, charts, medical records and past patient history.

    With vital information presented in a clear, visually appealing format, clinicians can make better, more informed decisions. Previously hidden connections in electronic health records (EHRs) could yield unexpected insights and lead to breakthroughs and clinical innovations.

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    The Qlik platform helps healthcare providers manage performance and identify areas for improvement

    Clinical teams can use Qlik to visualise large amounts of data, and view and analyse the performance of the whole department. Areas that need improvement can quickly be identified; for example, if we know why delays in patient care occur, they can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Reporting is simplified, so you can comply with accuracy and efficiency, and patient administration and transition to EHRs is streamlined.

    With deeper insight through self-service visualisation, analytic apps and dynamic dashboards, patient flow models can be monitored and improved, performance can be tracked, and clinical care methodologies optimised.

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