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There is a growing demand for public sector organisations to provide comprehensive, detailed reporting and align with the central government’s drive for cost saving and streamlining initiatives. This means that the ability to collate data from multiple sources into a single, accessible system is imperative.

Ometis provides intuitive business intelligence (BI) solutions that allow public sector organisations to collect and visualise their data on an intuitive, self-service platform. With Qlik you can gain meaningful insights into your data in an instant, driving better, data-driven decisions.

At Ometis, we tailor your BI solution and service to meet your specific requirements. Qlik’s data discovery provides fast analytics and responsive decision-making for the defence industry, helps educational institutions gain meaningful insights and enables government streamlining.

We have the ability to help any business, of any size, in any industry to discover, visualise and understand their data.

Limitless Possibilities for the Whole Public Sector

Whether it is emergency response times, Government results and reports, patient quantities and timings, local authority information, student results, school rankings and budgeting, Qlik can provide easy to understand visualisations from mixed data sources, so whether your data is in one, two or dozens of sources it can be visualised in one dashboard, via the drag and drop functions.

All of this information is just a matter of minutes away, at your fingertips with the Qlik Platform. Qlik allows you to visualise your business by department and as a whole entity as you wish. This gives you the tools to find the most up to date information and to make the best business decisions.

100% dedicated to Qlik, the team at Ometis are experts in the platform and are always on hand to help

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Patient Costing and Clinical Variation - See Live Demo

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