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Forever advancing, the field of life sciences constantly makes new discoveries and creates new information. Companies, by necessity, run on highly specialised business processes.

In an industry affected by rising costs, an aging population and changing regulatory demands, flexible data analysis allows you to respond to the issues and challenges facing this unique operational environment.

faster, better business and clinical decisions

Accurate information is more important than ever when it comes to enabling product innovation and ensuring that medicines are safe.
Qlik’s powerful analytics platform provides self-service visualisation of data from multiple sources. The high level of data discovery it allows, along with its intuitive analytic apps and dynamic dashboards, empowers the workforce and gives businesses the ability to streamline processes and improve financial performance.

Visual analytics at the point of decision

Qlik’s accessible and easy to navigate business intelligence (BI) software helps life science companies:

  • Shorten product discovery cycles
  • Improve physician feedback to manufacturers
  • Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance
  • Monitor R&D spend and ROI

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