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The aerospace industry is one of the most strictly regulated and monitored sectors in the world. Passenger safety is high on the agenda and a considerable priority for any aerospace company. However, they still have to run like a business with access to the same decision-making capabilities, analysis and reporting that are required in any organisation.

Safety reports are vitally important, but just one aspect of many within the industry. Products are complex and development is long, costly and highly sophisticated. The supply chains are some of the most advanced in manufacturing, so when it comes to making decisions, there are a great many differing elements that need to be taken into account.

Assisted Decision Making

The Ometis team is highly experienced in providing business intelligence (BI) solutions for the aerospace industry. Ometis can implement a Qlik BI solution that gives you powerful self-service visualisation of data from multiple sources, with guided analytic apps and intelligent reporting that allow you to make strategic and well-informed decisions based on real time information.

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Business-wide Improvements

With Ometis’ expertise and Qlik’s intuitive software, we help aerospace companies:

  • Support demand pull methods to reduce waste

  • Lock in revenue streams by building in value-added services with products

  • Improve regulatory compliance

  • Manage product life cycles

  • Improve Health & Safety monitoring
  • Track customer satisfaction across the industry

  • Drive efficiencies in procurement

  • Improve collaboration with partners and suppliers

  • Synchronise processes using real time insights

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    Our strategic consultancy coupled with the Qlik platform gives access to data that helps aerospace manufacturers streamline their business activities and operate more efficiently.
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