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Today’s automotive manufacturers are governed by increasingly stringent standards. Their supply chains are some of the most complex and sophisticated in the world – they must be streamlined in order to keep them ahead of fierce competition.

In an industry where risks are great and costs associated with development are even greater, it is vital that the right business decisions are made.

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Ometis can implement the Qlik range of business intelligence (BI) products, designed to help businesses see the whole story. Deeper insight into your activities means decisions can be informed by the facts. BI increases visibility into sales performance and enables automotive manufacturers to draw up a plan of efficiency to manage sales and partner channels and protect profitability.

In a market where just-in-time stock replenishment is common, why not take the same approach with analytics and utilise the latest data at the point of decision.

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Data-Driven Efficiencies

With the Qlik platform, automotive companies can:

  • Support demand pull methods to reduce waste

  • Lock in revenue streams by building in value-added services with products

  • Improve compliance

  • Manage product life cycles
  • Ease administration and IT burdens regarding reporting and analysis

  • Drive efficiencies in procurement

  • Improve collaboration with partners and suppliers

  • Synchronise operational processes using real time insights
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    Our strategic consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive and visual platform gives access to data that helps automotive manufacturers streamline their business activities and operate more efficiently.
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