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Without the ability to accurately forecast demand and monitor supply, utility companies can lose control of their costs. The market needs to be tracked so that large changes can be discovered quickly. This enables adjustments to be made to processes and delivery, decreasing any potential associated costs.

The industry is facing a growing demand for utilities, but also the challenge of harnessing them with as little environmental impact as possible. This is expensive, yet consumers expect delivery without additional costs being added onto the final product.

accurately visualise the whole market

Using the Qlik platform, utility companies can view data from multiple sources, using powerful visual analytics and guided apps to look at the whole market and get accurate predictions for future requirements.

Costs can be monitored and new opportunities easily identified to ensure maximum profitability and growth within the business.

maximise your IT investments and put your data to work

With Qlik’s business discovery platform, utility companies can:

  • Improve their effectiveness through cost of sales, marketing and service delivery
  • Optimise value-based asset management, costs and reliability
  • Improve enterprise governance of risk, safety and compliance programs
  • Increase insight of customer demand and usage behaviours
  • Maximise industry innovations such as smart grid and advanced metering
  • Ease the administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting across business functions
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce the costs of customer service processes

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