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The economic climate has had a big impact on how media companies do business, but there are many other factors that affect this industry.

Technological innovation causes continual shifts in the market as new operating systems, products and providers emerge – and intense competition means that it is harder than ever to gain a tangible advantage.

Ometis and Qlik - Visualising Success

With Qlik’s powerful visualisation software, Ometis can help media companies access critical data visibility across segregated business units, systems that lack interoperability and external sources. This improves their ability to adapt quickly, capture high margin revenue opportunities and drive down costs.

Intuitive visual dashboards give deep insight into all parts of the business:

  • Distribution
  • Consumer marketing
  • Advertising performance
  • Demographics
  • Supply chain
  • Content protection
  • Legal
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • With Qlik, you can pull data from anywhere to answer vital business questions, helping you to:

    • Improve insight into subscriber / viewer behaviours and preferences
    • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty
    • Exploit revenue opportunities across multiple distribution channels
    • Form stronger, more productive industry partnerships
    • Improve management of royalties, copyright and content security

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    Our consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive analytic platform helps media companies align their business strategies with the latest media delivery technologies. Contact our expert team today to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.

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    Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

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