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Pharmaceutical companies consistently have to ensure compliance and meet tight deadlines. Business data is the key to helping them overcome these challenges efficiently and effectively.

With the right pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, you can determine the success or failure of products and companies.

(BI) helps you adapt your strategies and achieve increased revenue and profitability

With Ometis’ extensive experience and the Qlik data discovery platform, pharmaceutical companies can:

  • Transform their sales operations
  • Accelerate clinical development
  • Improve their visibility among physician influencers and key opinion leaders
  • Implement more effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Improve their regulatory oversight
  • Reduce costs and streamline processes
  • Effectively mitigate risk

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    Identify hidden potential, develop medicines and generate profits

    The type and volume of data analytics available to pharmaceutical organisations is vast and is generated by countless different sources.

    We specialise in working with the pharmaceutical sector, enabling organisations to effectively use their data to identify new potential drug candidates and develop them into effective, approved and profitable medicines more quickly.

    Start streamlining your business activities.

    Our strategic consultancy, combined with the Qlik visual analytics platform, gives you invaluable access to data that transforms your activities and processes.

    To find out more, or to discuss our range of pharmaceutical BI solutions, contact our specialists today.

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    Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

    Using the Qlik Platform, we can provide in depth analysis of any area of your business in a matter of days.


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