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The ability to analyse customer behaviour is a huge benefit to insurance companies. It allows them to allocate the right policies to the right customers and identify where improvements in products and service levels are needed. These changes can vastly improve customer satisfaction and retention in a fiercely competitive market place.

With increasing profitability high on the agenda for everyone, access to accurate and visual business intelligence (BI) helps you reduce losses, improve efficiency and maximise new opportunities for profit and growth.

Taking the guesswork out of decision-making

Ometis has implemented BI solutions for many leading insurance companies; the Qlik platform delivers visual reports in minutes and allows for self-service data analysis, giving business users the tools they need to make the right decisions, instantly. Qlik’s powerful BI visualisation software creates a single view of information from multiple sources, taking the guesswork out of decision-making.

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With Qlik, insurance companies can:

  • Ensure compliance and uncover fraud through ad-hoc investigation and reporting
  • Empower underwriting with visibility into policies, premiums and loss ratios
  • Use customer analysis to uncover new opportunities, identify cross-sell potential and improve retention
  • Better assess risk and policy portfolio exposures across the business
  • Speed up claims processing and enhance claims service levels
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Optimise operations, improve service levels and streamline IT
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    Our consultancy coupled with Qlik’s intuitive analytic platform helps insurance companies streamline their processes and improve their services to customers. Contact our expert team today to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.

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