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Introducing Ometis Alerts on

Posted on: 12th September 2019, 11:35 am

Ometis Alerts is a light-weight notification tool that enables Qlik Administrators to be alerted about failed tasks in their communication tool of choice (Slack or Microsoft Teams).

Using only a Qlik Sense app and the native REST connector, Ometis Alerts will determine which logging approach the Qlik site is using and check those logs for failed tasks. If any failed tasks are found since the last reload of the app, a notification is sent. The app typically takes less than 10 seconds to complete, and therefore it can run on a Qlik Sense task schedule that suits your needs.

This tool can be customised/extended to report on all task status’, as well as other script events.

The output will appear as follows:


Slack notification
Slack notification

In Slack, the notification will contain a link to the Tasks view of the QMC (Qlik Management Console) and another link directly to the app which failed. A Slack card per failed task is delivered; containing the app name which failed.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams notification
Microsoft Teams notification

In Microsoft Teams, the notification will also contain a link to the tasks view of the QMC (Qlik Management Console) and another link directly to each app that failed. A list of failed tasks and their apps is provided.

To get your free download of the application and learn how to implement Ometis Alerts please go to the OmetisToolkit:

This is our first version of the application which we hope to extend in the future. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please feel free to get in touch.

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By Chris Lofthouse


Excellent app.... wondered it would be possible to add (a) date/time of failed task, (b) information regarding Nprinting failed tasks as well?

Craig Jones, 23rd September 2019

Hi Craig, Thanks for your input, NPrinting tasks would be particularly useful. We'll get those suggestions added to the roadmap.

Chris Lofthouse, 24th September 2019

Great idea, I'll add it to the roadmap.

Chris Lofthouse, 16th September 2019

This is a GREAT APP. how about a button to restart a failed task

Joe Easley, 14th September 2019

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