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Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense – data discovery built for self-service and mobility

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Qlik Sense is a modern visual analytics platform that unlocks the potential of every user to harness information and discover more about their data. Users of all types and skill levels can quickly find hidden insights to help them make the best possible decisions for their business.

Qlik Sense is truly a revolutionary product in the business intelligence (B) market. Its intuitive, responsive design works seamlessly across all devices - allowing both guided analytics and self-service BI capabilities to be delivered across your organisation.

Empower your users and unleash their intuition.

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Qlik Sense is changing the game...

As organisations grow, BI is usually reserved for the “few” as concerns around security access, user ability and cost of licenses/hardware can be prohibitive. This is counter-productive and also goes against our natural instinct. Intuitively, we know that more people who have access to the “right” data; the better decisions they can make. After all, isn’t this why we look into BI to begin with?

Traditional BI and standalone data visualisation tools limit exploration and discovery for business users. These tools are good at providing answers for predefined questions, but do not offer any way for users to ask new, follow-up questions. Users either have to settle for what is in the report or visualization, or wait for IT to create new reports for them.

Qlik Sense is different. With Qlik Sense, users of any skill level are empowered to follow their own paths to insight. Through the Associative Experience, you can ask question after question, from any object, in any direction, using simple selections and searches.

how does Qlik Sense help me make better decisions?

At the heart of Qlik Sense is a patented in-memory software engine that generates new views of information immediately. Each time a user clicks, the Qlik Sense engine instantly responds with a newly calculated set of data associations and visualisations, specific to the user’s selections. If you are a non-technical user, this directly benefits you, because you are not required to develop new reports or visualisations – you just click and learn.

Qlik Sense is built for self-service and mobility. By making the decision maker the focal point it prioritises flexibility without comprising complexity. As users are presented with questions they quickly and easily:

  • connect to the “facts”
  • create intuitive visualisations
  • manipulate the visualisations immediately
  • drill-down to glean insights
  • make decisions and action the next step
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Connect, build and discover with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense connects to and brings data from all the sources we expect today. This can include ERP, CRM, EPOS, Warehouse Management Systems, Excel (and other flat files) and the Cloud as examples.

Visualisations are then used to present the data in a meaningful way for the end user. At this point there is complete flexibility for how the data is represented, who it is represented to and how they interact with the data.

Initial visualisations can be relatively high level, i.e a KPI showing Sales vs Target. From here users can ask follow up questions, obtain answers and ask more questions until they are fully aware of the facts before making a decision to take (or not take) action. We call this Data Discovery.

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