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QlikView – designed for decisions-makers

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Whether it’s business or leisure, we are having to make an increasing amount of decisions in our daily lives. These can range from relatively simple choices, such as “which route to take this weekend?” to critical decisions, such as “should we relocate our flagship store?”

To help us make these decisions, we need access to data, the context of the question and, of course, the time to analyse the data before making an informed decision. The problem however is that although data is abundant; time is not.

As time ticks away, we can often find ourselves making decisions without having the opportunity to assess the data and determine the best solution. At Ometis, we provide intuitive QlikView solutions that can simplify vast quantities of data, deliver context to the user and assist with the decision-making process.

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what makes QlikView different from other business intelligence (BI) solutions?

QlikView is part of the unique Qlik BI Platform. The platform is designed to include everything a growing BI strategy needs. From connecting to all your data sources, consolidating data together into highly performing data models, adding a security layer and providing intuitive user interfaces that allow the user to follow their instincts – QlikView has everything you need.

QlikView is built from the ground up for the user. By making the decision maker the focal point, it prioritises his or her requirements over the data. The data is simply a source, the user is the one making the choices.

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Connect, Visualise and Discover with QlikView

QlikView connects to and brings data from all the sources we expect today. This can include ERP, CRM, EPOS, Warehouse Management Systems, Excel (and other flat files) and the Cloud as examples.

The guided analytics provided by QlikView help the user through their data discovery journey. From high-level KPI dashboards, to full transactional detail, QlikView has all the visualisations you need.

Users can ask follow up questions, obtain answers and ask more questions until they are fully aware of the facts before making a decision. There are no pre-defined routes through the data – you can follow your intuition to uncover the answer to the next question.

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Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

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