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Qlik Acquires Attunity

Posted on: 22nd February 2019, 1:52 pm

There’s been a big announcement this week as Qlik acquires Attunity and makes a big stride towards true real-time analytics after purchasing the market-leading data integration and data management solution.

It’s a big deal which pairs one of the leaders in data analytics with leader in big data management software systems and builds on Qlik’s acquisition of Podium Data and the introduction of Qlik Data Catalyst last year. Attunity provides cross-platform data streaming capabilities that will allow Qlik to enhance their shift to cloud and real-time analytics.

Qlik Acquires Attunity

If you haven’t heard of Attunity before, they’re a leading provider of big data management software solutions that enable availability, delivery and management across varied enterprise platforms, organisations and the cloud. Their vast portfolio of software solutions include data replication and distribution, test data management, change data capture (CPC), data connectivity, enterprise file replication (EFR), managed file transfer (MFT), data warehouse automation, data usage analytics and cloud data delivery.

The acquisition is an exciting move as the world becomes increasingly reliant on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, which has resulted in seamlessly moving data in real-time across multiple cloud environments and data lakes becoming a business-critical issue. As Qlik acquires Attunity, it will allow Qlik to transform their raw data into a governed, analytics-aware information resource. Right now, that’s something which cannot be underestimated and it’s an exciting prospect for the future development of Qlik Sense.

We understand the acquisition will also pull in Attunity’s partner network, further expanding Qlik’s go-to-market reach and, ultimately, awareness around the product, while strengthening its data lake management and cloud infrastructure partnerships, including Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Cloudera and Snowflake.

What Does Qlik Acquiring Attunity Means For Ometis?

Well, there is a clear opportunity to enhance our services. The skillsets needed for data analytics are somewhat different to those needed for Data Management or Data Replication tasks. If existing Qlik partners are to sell and work with Data Catalyst and Attunity then they will need to upskill or look to partner with others in the community.

It also means we can further engage our customers with all aspects of their data and be ready to service organisations that have a need for this enterprise-level data management, replication and cataloguing solutions.

Qlik Acquires Attunity – Their Latest Purchase

Qlik have been busy in the acquisition market over the last 12 months as they continue their work expanding their offering as a leading Business Intelligence platform.

Qlik acquires Attunity roadmap

As you can see from the above, the acquisition is the latest in a long line of purchases that has strengthened Qlik’s position in the BI market. This latest acquisition is one of many since 2013 across all domains of data, from data sources through to data analytics, with each enriching the platform in their own way to solidify Qlik as a leader in Gartners magic quadrant.

Needless to say, with the latest addition to the Qlik suite of software, Attunity presents plenty of exciting opportunities on the horizon for Qlik users.

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By Ross Greig


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