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Qlik NPrinting April 2020 Release – A Qlik Luminary’s Guide

Posted on: 21st April 2020, 11:05 am

We are here in April 2020, and Qlik have dropped a small care package for Qlik NPrinting that will make everyone in the Qlik ecosystem, and probably in isolation, glad Qlik are still able to push out software releases during these uncharted times. Let’s take a look at this small but mighty release:

Dynamic email list (TO, CC and BCC)

It is now possible to send emails using a dynamic list of recipients in the TO, CC, and BCC fields. When creating a Qlik NPrinting task to send an email there is now a drop-down next to the To, CC and BCC that allows NPrinting developers to select between:

  • User email (taken from user profile)
  • User alternate email 1 (taken from user profile)
  • User alternate email 2 (taken from user profile)
  • User alternate email 3 (taken from user profile)
  • Qlik variable (a semi-colon delimited list of email addresses)


Qlik NPrinting April 2020

This is a massively useful feature. I know a few of our customers have use-cases for this. For example, one customer wanted to be able to configure a task to send a report to an employee and CC their line manger. Previously this was only possible through multiple tasks and/or users. Now we can submit the report to the end user but CC the line manager using one of the alternate email options:

It’s worth pointing out, you can add multiple emails in these alternative email address options, which is really useful.

Microsoft Windows 2019

Qlik NPrinting officially supports Microsoft Windows 2019.

Qlik NPrinting April 2020 Release – Conclusion

These small additions are pretty typical, but over the course of a year it makes quite the impact. I’m glad to see Qlik continually adding useful functionality that will allow organisations use the software how they would prefer. Let’s hope it continues throughout the rest of 2020.

By Chris Lofthouse #QlikLuminary


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