Qlik Sense Best Practice: Qlik Sense Content Library

Qlik Sense Best Practice: Qlik Sense Content Library

Posted on: 7th June 2019, 12:23 pm

We’re talking about a Qlik Sense Content Library in the latest instalment of our Qlik Sense Best Practice series. 

Did you know, the human brain can interpret a visual up to 60,000 times faster than text? Of course you did, that is why you visualise data instead of using plain text and tables.

However, did you also know that 65 per cent of people are visual learners and they are likely to remember twice the amount of information from visualisations, compared to plain text. This is why using images alongside numbers can be beneficial. It’s therefore wise to invest some time and resource into creating and maintaining your Qlik Sense Content Library.

Qlik Sense Content Library Ideas

  • The default content library is accessible by everyone, by default. We typically replace the contents of this folder with corporate imagery, such as logos and appropriate images and icons for your industry.  This will allows users to use consistent images and reduce the amount of time spent by users looking for their own versions.
  • Create departmental/business purpose content libraries to help focus media to the relevant users. For example, we often create a thumbnails content library for sheet thumbnails.
  • Upload thumbnail images with a aspect ratio of 8 (width) : 5 (height).
  • Promote the use of sheet thumbnails, as it can help users distinguish sheets easier. Note, you can use our thumbnail generator to create custom thumbnails in the correct aspect ratio.

Qlik Sense Content Library

  • Add images/icons to help users further annotate their stories. We often add images of arrows, diagonal arrows, semi-transparent backgrounds to hide highlight a specific area, etc.

Qlik Sense Content Library

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By Chris Lofthouse


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