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Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the process of understanding and documenting the pain-points felt by all areas within an organisation in relation to your data and Business Intelligence programme. It’s the next level down from the Data Strategy and takes a closer look at the detail.

Good business analysis helps ensure projects stay on track and that time, effort and resources are spent in the right sequence in the right areas for the right reasons.

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During business analysis, we’ll uncover as many of the requirements up front as possible in order to find a way of grouping your needs to enable efficient delivery and a strong economy of scale within any project. We will then ensure this matches the data strategy to keep you on track with the objectives for your business data.

To complete a business analysis project, we’ll absorb your company’s ethos through a round-table environment. Here we’ll build an understanding of your current data systems, the types of access to your data that are available, how you’re using the information and the KPIs in relation to your business data.

From here we can ascertain whether you require additional data to be captured, whether your processes match your objectives and whether we need to focus on other areas of data capture and dissemination. We’ll then build a tailored approach to your business data that ensures you reach your objectives and achieve your KPIs in the most cost-effective and efficient fashion.

We are skilled at process and workflow documentation and will help you uncover bottlenecks that may be addressed by implementing new systems and changes to your reporting structure. This process will help development of a business case that demonstrates the return on investment after implementing a Qlik Business Intelligence solution or BI solution.

If you would like to know more about how our business analysis services will help your business achieve its data-driven goals, then please contact our expert team today. We’ll be happy to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.