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Data Extraction

Data Extraction is the process of technically connecting to your data sources, writing script to extract data from those locations and de-coupling this data from your source systems in an efficient manner.

Our years of experience working will all types of data allow us to implement best practices along the way.  We believe careful attention should be paid to all data extraction processes. If not implemented correctly, they can become the bottleneck to future adoption of data-based decision making – especially if data can’t be refreshed in a timely and accurate manner.


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Data Extraction is important because at Ometis we believe specific attention should be paid in the following areas to allow for future growth:

Data Volumes

What are the data volumes today, and what do we predict those data volumes to become over the next one, three and five years?  The answers to these questions will dictate if techniques such as incremental loading of data should be built in to the solution.  This requires additional scripting, but it means you extract a smaller amount of data on a more frequent basis, appending it to historical data which doesn’t need to be extracted during each data refresh.  It saves time and resources as well as allowing for applications to be refreshed more often.

Script Optimisation

When writing scripts to extract data there can often be multiple ways to achieve the same results.  However, not all scripts are equal when it comes to performance.  Simply generating the correct output is only half of the story. Creating scripts that make the best use of Qlik’s engine, minimising resource usage (RAM and CPU) requires experience and expertise.

At Ometis we’ve been working with the Qlik platform for many years, and our team of developers and consultant are extremely skilled at understanding and implementing best-practices when it comes to script optimisation techniques.

Script re-usability

The saying goes that there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.  Well, the same is true of good script.  Over the years, our expert team have developed large numbers of script routines that not only perform well in isolation, but have the potential to be re-used across many solutions and projects. Rather than hide these away in a black-box, we believe in sharing our knowledge with our customers.  You only need to look at to see some of this in action.

Re-usability is not just a consideration for performance, but also for maintainability of solutions.  By incorporating standard scripts into our solutions we can make the data extraction process easier to maintain as common functions can be updated in one, central location and automatically applied in the solutions that reference them.

Beyond this, we can also leverage our experience of working with all common data platforms and systems, so we can re-use scripts developed for specific pieces of software in multiple solutions – driving efficiency and reducing testing cycles.

In all our solutions we constantly assess if we have existing script that can help streamline the data extraction process – providing faster, better solutions and ultimately increasing the return on investment for our customers.

Our team of experts are ready and waiting to provide all the tools and support needed to connect all your data sources, whether they be databases, spreadsheets, APIs, web pages, flat files or any other sources of data. Get in touch to find out how our team can help you build fast, optimised, scalable and re-usable data extraction processes.