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Data Literacy

Here at Ometis we believe data literacy is as important in the modern business world as reading or writing.

That’s why we’re striving to help more businesses become data literate every day by empowering them to understand, analyse and use data with confidence.

Data literacy touches on every part of a Business Intelligence strategy and thanks to Qlik’s innovative suite of software, it’s never been easier to achieve.

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There are four characteristics to achieving true data literacy, these are the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data.

Read data

Data comes in many forms – machine, algorithms, simplified visuals, or even Twitter feeds – but are you able to look at this data and understand it? Not everyone needs to be a data scientist to do this – you don’t need to know the algorithm but you can gather information from the data.

We live in a world where data is no longer binary. It’s not just numbers anymore, it’s text and images. To be data literate, you must be able to read the data differently and take it beyond reporting and into analysis.

Work with data

This could mean building a Business Intelligence visual dashboard or receiving a dashboard or report that you have to work with. Working with data has many different facets. Take a look at those that work with you, help data flow more readily through your organisation and use data analytics efficiently.

Analyse data

Analysis is the key piece of information for the definition of data literacy. It goes beyond reporting to get real insights that decisions can be made from, and that means data-driven decisions. It’s time to get away from just reporting and actually use data to make instant, informed decisions.

Argue with data

When you express a position on something, you want to have data to back up your argument. We can no longer go on gut instincts, we need to go with insights as to why we’re making suggestions and, ultimately, decisions. We want everyone to become sceptical with data… not cynical, just sceptical. While we don’t turn people off of data, we want you to interrogate and challenge your data to get more answers.


If you want to become data literate through Qlik, speak to one of our Business Intelligence experts today. We’ll help you build a robust strategy that not only allows you to make informed decisions from your business data but will enable you to achieve true data literacy too.