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Data Strategy

A data strategy is where most businesses start before embarking on any Business Intelligence programme.

That’s because a good data strategy is essentially the mission statement for your business data. It sets out to understand what you’re currently learning from your business data, how you’re learning it and what you want to achieve in the future from your data. That means understanding what systems are being used across the organisation to gather, organise and disseminate your business data and who is receiving the results.

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At Ometis, we’ll initiate the work around your data strategy by defining why you want to become a data-driven business. After that we’ll dive deeper into the current set-up to understand who receives your data, what their skillsets are, how they receive the data and what processes are involved. We’ll also define the types of data that will benefit your future business decisions.

From there we’ll help you define your data-driven culture by ascertaining your objectives and whether your current set-up is enabling you to achieve those objectives. This is where we may suggest new processes, different systems, increasing the number of people who receive the data or implementing different ways of collecting new datasets.

Essentially, there are three main areas we focus on when building your data strategy:

Building A Data Strategy – Your Users

This is where we’ll ask what type of users are utilising your data across your organisation, what are their roles, what access do they have to the business data and what type of data may benefit their day-to-day decision making.

Building A Data Strategy – Your Data Collection

Here we’ll take a closer look at the systems you have in place to collect your business data, how they work and whether they fit with your data objectives.

Building A Data Strategy – Your Data Culture

We’ll work closely with you to understand your current culture around data and define a high-performing, data-driven culture that will help achieve your business objectives. This is where we’ll help you understand whether your current data set-up will allow you to achieve your goals and, if not, what’s needed to get you where you want to be.

A data strategy sets out the framework for the short, medium and long-term data delivery that will help you make more-informed business decisions and gain the competitive advantage.

Much of this process is likely to take part during the initial sales discussions but once we have a clear set of objectives, we’ll work closely with your team in a round-table environment to learn about your current processes. From there we’ll help you understand what’s needed and why before setting out a clear plan for your data strategy.

The team at Ometis boast a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding how a data-driven culture can reap huge rewards for your business. We will also help you develop a business case that demonstrates the return on investment after implementing a Qlik Business Intelligence solution. At the same time, we’ll provide clear and easy-to-understand advice for all your departments and users across all levels within your organisation.

If you would like to know more about how a focused data strategy will help your business achieve it’s data-driven goals, then please contact our Qlik experts. We’ll be happy to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.