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Project Management

At Ometis, we have the project management expertise to ensure that your Qlik Business Intelligence solution is delivered on time and on budget.

Our project managers are highly skilled and well-versed in standard project methodologies. We take the time needed to understand your style of project and the level of management you require. This tailoring allows us to fit exactly with what you need, to ensure that you get the most profitable results.

We will work closely with you to set clearly defined goals and ensure a successful outcome for each project. Our project management experience enables us to avoid getting bogged down in certain areas. As such, we promise consistent progress with regular communications so you know delivery is on track.

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When it comes to the project management of your Qlik Sense or QlikView solution, we recognise that you need the flexibility to pick and choose the right level of support. Whether you need to fully outsource your project delivery to our team of experts, or if you want us to train and mentor your internal team, our delivery model supports all your needs.

Our team is experienced at delivering solutions using a wide variety of common methodologies but, due to the fast-paced nature of Qlik development, our recommended approach is to use an Agile methodology.

The benefits of our Agile approach include:

  • Regular releases of functional improvements
  • Ability to re-prioritise based on current business needs
  • Maintain control of the value stream
  • A clear picture of project progress
  • Avoiding the ‘rabbit-holes’ – fail fast!
  • Improved motivation for project team
  • Much faster Return on Investment (ROI)

With all project management, communication is key. That’s why we integrate our services with your internal team members to guarantee a free flow of information and slick communication throughout the project.

We’ll also make sure there’s a clear understanding of who is responsible for each aspect of the project and provide regular updates that cover the latest information on progress, timescales and budgets.

As part of our project management services, all risks and issues that might develop are closely monitored to enable proactive risk management with mitigation solutions prepared in advance.

It’s also our aim to provide returns on the project the moment this is achievable, rather than at the very end of project delivery. This means you’ll start to see return on investment while our project management work continues.

We can deliver a Qlik Business Intelligence solution that meets your needs and your business objectives. Our project management capabilities will ensure it’s delivered on time and on budget. Contact our expert team today to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.