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Qlik Dashboard Design

Qlik dashboard design is the process of placing Qlik data visualisations in a logical, sensible and reusable format that can be easily digested for self-service business intelligence.

Good Qlik dashboard design is more than just dropping visualisations on a screen. It’s about building a consistent User Interface (UI) or user experience (UX) that’s easy to navigate and understand. This means sensibly grouping visualisations and building intuitive Qlik applications so users can easily digest and learn from your business data.

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Qlik dashboard design is an important part of any Business Intelligence strategy. Compelling and easy-to-understand dashboard design allows members of your teams to see the data in an interactive fashion that enables swift consideration and decisions. It’s integral to any successful Business Intelligence strategy.

Our experience of creating consistent UX that utilises all the Qlik features that will help you achieve your objectives and make more-informed business decisions is unparalleled. Once we understand your requirements, we’ll build a first-pass of your dashboards before reporting back and implementing your feedback.

Throughout this process we’ll ensure best practice is followed to allow swift self-service of your Qlik Sense or QlikView applications. We understand why dashboards work both visually and technically and will recommend the best way of building your visualisation to drive results. This includes master measures and master dimensions to facilitate increased levels of self-service by users, as well as including comments and notes in the right places to provide context and guidance.

Qlik’s industry-leading technology also helps self-service users build compelling visualisations on the fly. Our training will show you how while ensuring your users create the correct dashboards for the job in hand.

We can also implement your company’s branding into your Qlik dashboard design to increase user adoption and keep everything under the same branding umbrella.

With the Qlik platform, all users within an organisation can become analysts. Empowering users with visual analytics at the point of decision allows your organisation to harness the collective intelligence of your team. Furthermore, decisions can instantly be backed up by key data across all departments and the impact of decisions can be easily assessed to monitor results.

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