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Qlik Healthcheck

Our Qlik healthchecks are a full assessment of the infrastructure and application architecture within your existing Qlik estate.

We’ll investigate your business intelligence environments to ensure everything is working smoothly and efficiently within your Qlik suite of software and follow up with a list of recommendations to improve overall performance.

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During a Qlik healthcheck, we’ll look at whether you’re using your resources well, that your user experience is good, that you’re following best practice development and implementation guidelines – including looking at whether apps can scale and perform optimally. We’ll also make sure your Qlik business intelligence solution and the processes around it are working in the most cost-effective fashion.

We provide thorough checks, identify issues and provide detailed recommendations based on our findings that help guarantee your users are getting the best possible Qlik Sense or QlikView experience.

As part of a comprehensive Qlik healthcheck with Ometis, we’ll assess:

Hardware Environment Health

We’ll investigate overall performance and run benchmark checks including CPU, RAM & Disk. We’ll also check settings for VM/physical machine with your IT team.

Healthchecking Qlik Server Software

We’ll check configuration is in line with best practice and assess performance in your specific environment of apps and users. We’ll also check licenses and identify unused licences, pinch points, more efficient use and any additional requirements.

Qlik Applications Healthcheck

We’ll look at your usage to understand the most popular vs. least popular applications and ensure correct resource allocation. We’ll also look at any issues and identify any slow-running reloads or front-end apps before providing initial root-cause analysis.

Monitoring and Governance Check

Having a clear picture of what is taking place across your Qlik Platform is key in anticipating demand and tracing issues. There are a range of tools that can assist you in this and we will update and configure the most recent versions for you.

We will make sure you have the latest versions of:

– Operations Monitor (for Qlik Sense & QlikView)
– License Monitor (for Qlik Sense)
– Governance Dashboard (for QlikView)

We will ensure that these are set to reload on a regular basis and will show you how to use them. This will continue to benefit you following the health check.

A Tailored Qlik Healthcheck Report

After we have completed the health check, we will produce a detailed report capturing:

– Your current environment
– Any issues identified during Health Check
– Our recommendations


Our Qlik healthchecks will guarantee you’re getting the most out of your Qlik estate and working at optimum. We can also provide ongoing services to help implement any changes required to ensure peace-of-mind when it comes to your Business Intelligence strategy, meaning you can focus on making the business decisions.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements.