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Our Qlik Sense training programmes have helped new and existing users across the UK become competent in the Qlik platform. Whether it’s standard or bespoke Qlik training, there’s a programme to suit your needs. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

Chris Lofthouse, Head of Consulting Services, Ometis

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Every year we help hundreds of people unlock the power of Qlik.

We deliver both standard and bespoke Qlik Sense training courses that have you, the end user, in mind. They act as great preparation for the practical use of Qlik products and also for helping you pass your Qlik Certifications.

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Bespoke Qlik Sense Training


Experience the associative difference first hand. You will learn how to navigate the Qlik interface but more importantly your data. We’ll cover the most effective and efficient methods to filter, search and gain insight into your data. You will then learn to share your findings and collaborate with your peers using bookmarks and stories. This covers everything a business user needs to know.


data modelling

Data Prepare & Analyse

Take your first step to becoming a Qlik power user. You will learn how to load, associate, join and transform data without writing a single line of code. Then discover the three approaches to visualising data, and how to effortlessly create expressions, store and reuse them; maintaining a single version of the truth. This course will make a power user out of anyone.

Qlik Dashboard Design


Step through an advanced art of the possible within Qlik Sense. You will learn about the different steps and properties involved to take your Qlik dashboards to the next level. In addition, you will be given an introduction into advanced expression writing, such as adding predefined filters to expressions using Set Analysis. You will become a data visualisation expert in no time.

Data Prepare Advanced

Allow us to shape you into a Qlik Developer with our ‘roll your sleeves up’ data scripting course. You will learn the fundamentals of data modelling in Qlik Sense, how to architect a Qlik solution, as well as how to write advanced transformations using Qlik syntax. By the end of this course you will know how to develop in Qlik the right way, using best practice techniques.

Collaborate in SaaS

Explore the latest features to collaborate with other users in the cloud. You will learn how to monitor and share your insights instantly. We’ll cover how to stay tuned into your data without opening the apps by utilising data alerting, conversational analytics, notes and report subscriptions. This course unlocks the collaborative potential of the cloud and busts your analysis silos wide open and promotes open communication of insights.

Available Courses

Data Visualisation
Data Prepare Advanced