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Narratives for Qlik

Through our partnership with Narrative Science, you can achieve even greater understanding from your data with Narratives for Qlik.

Narratives is a Qlik Sense extension which automatically generates meaningful narratives to explain the most important and interesting information in your visualisations. The result? You can make better, faster decisions.

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Narratives for Qlik


Narratives for Qlik generates relevant data analysis reports through a four-step process. The first is set-up, where your organisations requirements and objectives are set so the software can understand what you want to communicate.

The next step is analysis, as the software sifts through your Qlik Sense visualisations to find the relevant data for your requirements before the third phase, when the tool selects the most relevant information for your company’s needs.

The final step is translating this business data into easily digestible text that can be edited and customised or shared automatically among the team.


For us here at Ometis, there are five main reasons why Narratives for Qlik should be considered as an addition to your Qlik suite of software. The main benefits are:

Improving the transparency of your insights

It swiftly and efficiently transforms complex data into plain English

Making your business more competitive

The immediate production of valuable, actionable, easy-to-read insights will help you gain a competitive advantage

Making your data more relevant

With tailored insights, you can highlight the areas of business data that really matter

You will save time and resource

It eliminates the need for manual data analysis and reporting

Improved decision-making

With greater insights come more information business decisions


Whether you’d like a free demo or want to jump straight to acquisition, our team of experts can help.

Just get in touch with us now to learn more about this resourceful Qlik Sense add-on will generate easy-to-read data analytics and reports in seconds.