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To run a successful Business Intelligence (BI) strategy, trust in your data is paramount. If you can’t be sure the data you are querying is correct, then you cannot be sure of your business decisions.

That’s where NodeGraph, and its ability to trace data from source, comes in. This is a Qlik Sense and QlikView tool for data governance and data lineage. It makes it easier to track where your data comes from and understand the underlying calculations, so you can trust your data.

In short, NodeGraph enables Qlik users to make better decisions and instils trust in the data that fuels them. It provides the tools required to discover what’s hidden in the meta data so users can focus on making those decisions.

With NodeGraph, Qlik users see the impact and implications of various changes to data models and Qlik implementation.

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With NodeGraph, users can visualise their entire Qlik environment, making it simple to trace data from source to app. You can also automate and simplify documentation within your Qlik environment and compile metadata, tables, fields and node comments in one document with just one click.

NodeGraph is an add-on for your QlikView and Qlik Sense solutions that allows you to explore, visualise and trace where your data comes from, whether it’s up-to-date, how it’s calculated and much more.


NodeGraph scans both QlikView and Qlik Sense log files and produces a visual summary of applications and data in an easy-to-navigate interface.  Select any element, for example a dashboard QVW, and lines trace the data lineage through transformed QVDs all the way back to the source database.

You can search, filter and drill in any direction; from applications, QVDs, source tables, fields, charts or SQL queries. If you want to know where your data came from, simply right-click on any field and select the Field Explorer to get a report of the complete lineage for this field, including all script transformations.

NodeGraph automatically creates full system documentation at the click of a button. There is no manual work needed – just point where you store your Qlik files and log files.


Understanding the source data and impact of the data transformations of your business intelligence strategy is instrumental in achieving success. NodeGraph can help to instil confidence in data as well as streamline development processes and testing strategies.

NodeGraph for Qlik allows users to drill-down into the data to understand its impact and achieve true data literacy when it comes to how certain parameters have an overall impact.  That’s why we believe it is one of the most powerful Qlik add-ons on the market today.


Whether you’d like a free NodeGraph for Qlik demo or want to jump straight to acquisition, our team of experts can help.

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