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Qlik Alerting

Qlik Alerting is a Qlik Sense platform that provides intelligent data-driven alerts which aid users in proactively monitoring and managing their business. It allows organisations to manage by exception, notifying users of potential issues and therefore increasing the value of analytics. Additionally, Qlik Sense alerts help them to immediately analyse further, using insights to prompt user engagement and action. 

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Qlik Alerting allows you to create alerts that go much further than simple KPI thresholds. It boasts advanced statistical calculation and trending that easily spots outliers and anomalies, comparisons and complex nested alert logic, as well as enabling you to drill into and evaluate individual dimension values. It is data-driven rather than being based on visualisations meaning that, unlike other products, you have the freedom to keep track of all your data with no limitations.  

Self-Service and Central Management

Pull and push alerting are both supported, meaning that users are able to self-serve and organisations can broadcast insights to large groups of users. Qlik Sense’s simple interface enables users to quickly and simply create data alerts for themselves. A robust centralised application gives administrators control of sophisticated alerts for wide distribution. Insights can also be delivered flexibly via multiple channels, either through customised emails or Qlik’s iOS and Android mobile apps. 

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