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Qlik Compose

Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) delivers new generation ETL automation for an agile data warehouse. It automates data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment and change management. The platform’s designed to free everyday users from the repetitive, time-consuming aspects of ETL, meaning you can focus on delivering business insight both on-premise and in the cloud.

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By automating your data pipelines to generate analytics-ready data sets, Qlik Compose for Data Lakes delivers the swiftest access to analytics-ready data lakes.

Universal Data Integration

Supports one of the broadest ranges of data sources whether it’s on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid environment.

Easy data structuring and integration

Thanks to an intuitive interface, users can easily build, model and execute data lake pipelines.

Continuous updates

You can be sure your ODS and HDS accurately represent your source systems.

Leverage the latest technology

Take advantage of Hive SQL and Apache Spark advancements.

Historical Data Store

Derive analytics-specific data sets from a full historical data store (HDS).


Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses allows users to accelerate and simplify data warehouse design, development, testing, deployments and updates.

Speed time to analytics

Traditional methods of creating and maintaining data warehouses are struggling to keep pace with modern business demands.

Modern approach for data warehousing

Automated warehouse design, generating ETL code and applying updates all while implementing best practices and proven design patterns, dramatically reducing the time, cost and risk of BI projects.

Intuitive guided workflows

IT teams can load and sync data from sources with ease, automate data model design and source mapping, streamline data warehouse and ETL generation and deploy data marts without manual coding.

Optimise the data warehousing process

Key operational capabilities include workflow designer and scheduler, lineage and impact analysis, data profiling and data quality.



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