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Qlik Insight Advisor Chat

Qlik Insight Advisor Chat is an AI-powered conversational analytics tool which can be integrated between Qlik Sense and business team-working software.  

One of the appeals of Qlik has traditionally been the strength and ease-of-use of its data visualisation, but Insight Advisor Chat makes things even easier by allowing you to talk directly to your analytics. By making interaction with your analytics easier, more people can make key data-driven decisions. 

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In 2018, Gartner predicted that by 2020, ‘50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated’ – Qlik Insight Advisor Chat is a powerful tool which allows you to do just that. Upon asking a question, Insight Advisor will instantly bring up relevant insights such as auto-generated charts, interpretations, key drivers, period-over-period calculations, predictions for measures, as well as comparative analysis. In addition, its self-learning AI means the more you use it, the more efficient and effective it becomes.  



Qlik Insight Advisor Chat acts a simple and efficient method of asking questions and discovering insights using natural language. It can be used in Qlik Sense as well as popular collaborative tools used in businesses, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce and Skype, as well as interacting vocally with possible Amazon Alexa integration. 

This integration with Qlik Sense means that you do not lose out on the strengths of Qlik’s data visualisation. There are circumstances where visual interaction with your data can lead to better insights and Qlik’s Associative Engine enables you to seamlessly transition between conversational and visual analytics. 



Using this innovative software will help you maintain your competitive edge, enabling more of your team to interact with data and therefore enhance data-driven decision making.  

Want to find out more about how Qlik Insight Advisor Chat can help you reach more users with the right data and maximise the value of your data and analytics investments? Get in touch with the Ometis team today.