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Qlik Sense

As the UK’s leading Qlik consultants, we understand the true power of the innovative business intelligence software. Qlik Sense provides business professionals with the power to create customised, interactive data visualisations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with efficient drag-and-drop functionality.

As a self-service analytics software platform, Qlik Sense immediately responds to user queries enabling swift understanding of your business data on a granular level. With its interactive visualisations, your team will achieve true data literacy and gain the competitive edge.

Through Qlik, decision makers in your business can easily create apps and visualisations on both computers and mobile devices before swiftly sharing their findings with colleagues. In just a few clicks, it combines multiple data sets into a single, responsive views with drag-and-drop charts, tables and filters that automatically sync with Qlik’s data model, meaning there’s no manual data linking required. That means Qlik Sense removes the need for multiple data gathering and design tools to dramatically reduce data preparation time.

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Qlik Sense


Qlik Sense is truly ground-breaking in the way it provides immediate answers to any question you have around your business data. Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms limit exploration and discovery for business users.

Many BI tools are great at answering predefined questions but do not allow users to ask intuitive, follow-up queries. Instead users must settle for the data displayed in the report or visualisation until a new report is created.

Qlik is different. With this innovative BI software, users of any skill level are empowered to follow their own paths to insight. Thanks to the platform’s Associative Engine, users can ask endless questions through simple selections and searches to truly understand their business data.


At the heart of the software is a patented in-memory software engine that allows immediate generation of business data visualisations. When a user clicks, the Qlik engine instantly responds with a freshly calculated set of data associations and visualisations specific to the user’s selections.

This is hugely beneficial to non-technical users because there’s no need to develop new reports or visualisations – each business user can simply click and learn from the data.

Qlik Sense has been designed as a mobile BI platform with self-service at its core with the end user in mind. That means flexibility has been prioritised without compromising on complexity.


For us, there are three main pillars to the process of unlocking your business data and achieving true business intelligence. These are connect, build and discover and Qlik Sense reigns supreme with regards to all three.


Qlik Sense connects to and brings data from every source we’d expect in the modern digital world. This can include ERP, CRM, EPOS, Warehouse Management Systems, the Cloud and Excel, as well as other flat files. These are just a few examples but essentially, if you have a data source that needs connecting, we can help you make it happen.


Once your business data is sat within the Qlik in-memory software engine, visualisations can be easily created to present the information in a meaningful way. With Qlik Sense, there is complete flexibility in how the data is presented, who it is presented to and how they interact with it. This means you can share your business data in the way that suits your needs.


Initial visualisations can be relatively high level, perhaps a KPI showing Sales vs. Targets, but from here users can implement endless queries in order to deep-dive into the data and understand the full facts before making any decisions. We call this Data Discovery and it’s what makes Qlik the most powerful BI tool on the market today.


Whether you’d like a free demo or want to jump straight to installation, our team of experts can help.

Just get in touch with us now to learn more about this industry-leading BI platform and how it can help you unlock the power of your business data.