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QlikView is a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool that is unique in many ways when compared with other traditional BI platforms.

In short, it is a Business Intelligence solution that enables users to build their own analytic applications using data and insights gleaned from their systems, meaning users can response rapidly to valuable information to make more informed business decisions.

QlikView’s Associated Data Indexing Engine also enables users to find hidden trends and patterns in their business data to gain the competitive advantage. Unlike traditional BI systems, QlikView reveals connections not usually found by standard tools. At Ometis, we provide intuitive QlikView solutions that simplify vast amounts of data while delivering context to the user and assisting in the decision-making process.

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With Qlik’s patented in-memory data processing technology, QlikView enables incredibly swift time to insight. The data analytics platform calculates aggregations immediately while also managing all relationships between the data automatically.

The QlikView Business Intelligence solution is designed to include everything a growing BI strategy needs. From connecting to all your data sources, consolidating data together into highly performing data models, adding a security layer and providing intuitive user interfaces that allow the user to follow their instincts – it does it all.

Uniquely, QlikView is also built from the ground up for the user and prioritises user requirements over the data. The data is a source, the user is making the choices.


QlikView provides users with the exact tools required to build their analytics apps and process data in a way that works for their business.  It’s a single environment where users can connect to data, design data models and build intuitive, interactive dashboards. This all takes place within a secure working environment, so you have total control of data access, management and permissions.

Alongside default connectors, QlikView offers custom connectors that can be installed when required, including connectors that import data from platforms such as Salesforce, Hive and Teradata. That means it works in all analytic scenarios, from small and local businesses to enterprise-grade big data analytics.

QlikView also enables users to share insights and data visualisations in real-time via the cloud or enterprise servers, meaning your business data is easily accessible to those that need it.


 – Data visualisations

 – Dynamic BI ecosystem

 – Interact with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics

 – Natural search across all data

 – Default and custom connectors

 – App scripts and Workbench

 – Roles & Permissions

 – Secure, real-time collaboration

 – Advanced reporting templates

 – Custom reports

 – Mobile-ready


QlikView connects to and brings data from all the sources we expect today. This can include ERP, CRM, EPOS, Warehouse Management Systems, Excel (and other flat files) and the Cloud, as examples.


The guided analytics provided by QlikView help the user through their data discovery journey. From high-level KPI dashboards, to full transactional detail, QlikView has all the visualisations you need.


Users can ask follow-up questions, obtain answers and ask more questions until they are fully aware of the facts before making a decision. There are no pre-defined routes through the data – you can follow your intuition to uncover the answer to the next question.


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