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We find the right Qlik solutions for your business

The Qlik platform provides a range of specifically designed tools that enable data visualisation from multiple sources while each providing their own specific area of expertise. At Ometis, we find the right Qlik solutions for your business needs.

Neil Thorne, Sector Manager, Ometis

Neil Thorne
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We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements before building a suite of relevant products to help drive innovation

Whether you need to consolidate data, deliver industry leading data visualisations or distribute content to a wider audience, Ometis can find the right Qlik solutions for you.

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Data Visualisation

qlik solutions qlik sense

Data visualisation is one of Qlik’s main strengths.

With an intuitive user interface accessing data from all available sources, Qlik software makes it efficient for your team to unlock the potential of your data and discover insight and knowledge.


qlik solutions qlik analytics

The Qlik Sense platform provides a number of innovative ways for users to be able to dig deeper into their data.

From simply talking directly to your analytics through to sophisticated alerting systems, these are invaluable resources when it comes to making data-driven business decisions.


qlik solutions qlik nprinting

Qlik NPrinting is the most advanced report generating, distributing and scheduling application on the market.

NPrinting enables swift generation and modification of reports. Users can filter these reports and distribute them to the right people at the right time. It does all the hard work of pulling all information together in a package that can be sent to people internally or externally.

Data Movement

qlik solutions qlikview

Qlik offers a number of facilities to streamline processes surrounding the movement of data.

Data replication, ingestion and streaming can all be accelerated, while new generation ETL automation provides you with an agile data warehouse.

Data Quality/Governance

qlik solutions nodegraph

Any data-driven organisation needs to have complete trust in the data that is informing their business decisions.

If you want to be able to simplify the tracing of data from source to app, track changes made to Qlik assets or compile metadata, tables, fields and node comments in a document with just one click, Ometis can find the right solution for you.