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Ometis can help you easily connect Qlik to multiple data sources, allowing intuitive analytics for users of all skill levels. Qlik enables you to combine and analyse data from spreadsheets, databases, spreadsheets, websites, custom sources and more.

What insights will your data sources provide?

The Ometis team of experts provide the tools and support needed to:

  • Connect to data sources such as spreadsheets, XML and web pages
  • Extract data from an OLE DB or ODBC-compliant data sources using inbuilt connectivity or custom connectors from Qlik, database vendors or third parties
  • Query large databases directly using Direct Discovery
  • Build your own data source connector using QVX technology. Visit QlikMarket to see the data source connectors available from our partners
  • Track and analyse vital demographic and geographical information

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Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

Using the Qlik Platform, we can provide in depth analysis of any area of your business in a matter of days.