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If having access to data is the first piece of the puzzle when considering implementing the Qlik Platform for your organisation, designing a reliable data model is the second.

In many cases, Qlik will give you and your users the ability to create your own self-service analytics in minutes, but sometimes the solutions are of a more complex nature and require some additional focus on the data model that powers the visualisations.

solving even the most complex data challenges

With our large team of experienced Qlik experts, we have faced hundreds of complex data challenges and we draw on this experience when helping you design the correct data model. We understand the importance of getting this right…first time!

Some of the areas that often pose a challenge include:

By understanding the core Qlik technology, we use many techniques to reduce the footprint of the data. Reducing file size and memory usage allows for more responsive applications – even across data sets with many millions of rows

To reduce reload times and impact on resources, some solutions may require development of an incremental loading strategy. This reduces the amount of ‘work’ done during each data refresh by merging older data with the latest changes.

Bringing different sets of transactions together from different source systems can pose some tricky data modelling challenges to ensure consistent results that don’t affect performance. We have developed a set of core principles that can be applied across all solutions to minimise the impact of consolidating data while maximising the results.

As Qlik experts, we understand the different ways that security can be applied when developing a Qlik application. We appreciate the significance of implementing the correct architecture to fully secure the data and make sure that users only see what they are permitted to see.

A well-designed data model will allow for sub-second response times. Avoiding some of the common pitfalls is an important step in delivering a fast, reliable solutions. Our team are fully trained and skilled in understanding how best to build a fast-performing Qlik application.

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