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Having invested time and energy in bringing all of your business data together in one place, it is critical that the right level of attention is paid to UI design.

A good UI should be engaging, intuitive, responsive and easy for the end user to navigate. Each area should have a deliberate focus and should not be overcrowded with information. What’s more, users should find themselves naturally drawn to the important insights.

Creating an engaging, intuitive and response UI

At Ometis, we train all our Qlik professionals in the core principles of good UI design. To produce the best possible results we combine:

  • Industry
  • Visualisation best
  • User experience
  • Detailed Qlik
    product knowledge

Self-service using Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides industry-leading technology to help self-service users build amazing visualisations on the fly. Intelligent decision-making features help users choose the right chart, add the right data and tweak the core settings to make it instantly usable.

Easy-to-access properties control colours, sorting and orientation. Users can quickly and simply add their own sheets and design new visualisations for their needs. This is true self-service and ad-hoc reporting at its best!

Guided analytics using QlikView

QlikView has long been regarded as the pinnacle of organised and governed analytics. While the associative data engine allows users to explore different paths through the data, dashboards and charts can be positioned and customised with complete precision.

A comprehensive suite of chart properties allows developers to highlight insights within the data, as well as deliver UI consistency and familiarity to drive user adoption.

Empowering users

With the Qlik Platform, all users within an organisation can become analysts. Empowering users with visual analytics at the point of decision allows your organisation to harness the collective intelligence of your team. Furthermore, decisions can instantly be backed up by key data across all departments and the impact of decisions can be easily assessed to monitor results.

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