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Business dashboards are a visual representation of your organisation and work by connecting with your existing business systems, such as your accounting software or CRM data.

However, historically, there has been a lack of solutions that can tackle each area individually, meaning that users need to collate information from several sources in order to see the whole story.

Thanks to the innovative Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) Platform, thousands of companies are seeing the benefit of bringing business data together in one place to enable improved decision-making.

Combine disparate data to provide previously unobtainable insights

Business dashboards provide executives with numerous benefits, including:

Visibility - you know exactly what’s happening in all aspects of your business.

Performance measurement - in order to improve, we must be able to measure. Business dashboards allow you to measure your performance organisation-wide - and improve it.
Time-savings - many executives spend countless hours logging into business systems to run and compile up-to-date reports. Qlik business dashboards always show you the latest results from the reports you require.

Self-appraisal - allowing employees to monitor their own performance is the ultimate continuous improvement tool. However, this isn’t always possible due to the data being stored in systems alongside other sensitive information. Dashboards eliminate this risk by only providing authorised data, automatically, and in a format that’s easy to understand.

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