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Data consolidation is the process of collecting and integrating data from multiple sources, usually into a single source that can be used for consistent, company-wide reporting.

As the range of data sources in use broadens, so do the challenges.

Consolidation enables organisations to present data more easily, conduct better data analysis and reduce inefficiencies and overheads.

The process of data consolidation can be broken down into three stages (ETL):

1 - Extract data from multiple data sources and different formats.
2 - Transform the data into a single format or structure for analysis or storage.
3 - Load the data into the final location.

Qlik provides a fully-featured ETL toolset in one place – reducing the need for additional technology

Many Business Intelligence (BI) solutions require organisations to have their data pre-consolidated before any useful data visualisation and analysis can be achieved. However, the Qlik Platform is different!

Thanks to Qlik’s fully-featured ETL toolset, you can connect to multiple data sources without the need for pre-consolidation. You can also:

  • Streamline regulatory reporting
  • Reduce the overall impact on your IT
  • Drive down costs generated by a reduction in the support associated with running several different products

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