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As many Business Intelligence (BI) tools clamour to incorporate data discovery as part of their BI offering, Qlik, the pioneer of data discovery, is yet again changing the game.

Increasing amounts of data undoubtedly present increasing possibilities, but only if the data is accessible, when and where you need it.

The case for ad-hoc, on-the-fly data discovery is plentiful. For instance, are you noticing a downward trend in sales in a particular area? BI can provide you with answer to which products or stores are contributing to the downward trend.

Qlik takes BI one step further

Staff can instantly connect to additional sources, such as the weather, and even, traffic information, which could show sales were affected by increased traffic along the route of the two most affected stores. And further investigations could also show that road works are scheduled for another two weeks. Armed with this additional insight, you can now take steps to manage your perishable stock and increase external POS around those stores.

Qlik can take data discovery to a whole new level in every organisation

Unlike traditional BI, the Qlik Platform puts the business user in control with data discovery that enables everyone to create insight.

Individuals, departments, and even entire business units, have access to the data they need to make informed decisions. What’s more, Qlik can take insight to the edges of your organisation, enabling every business user to do their jobs faster and smarter. You can also create tailored insights that meet your unique business needs and timelines.

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