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To see exactly how Qlik can improve your business, you need to experience the platform and visualise what it can do.
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The Qlik business intelligence (BI) platform has always been designed with intuition in mind. Business analytics, including interactive data analysis and business dashboards should work in the way we think, on the right devices we want, wherever we want it.

Qlik’s interactive dashboards give business users the freedom to explore information, uncover problems, spot outliers and find answers – from whichever device is most convenient for them…at that moment.

create, customise, consume… on any device

Qlik empowers users to create and customise their charts and dashboards. With a touch-enabled interface, users can:

  • Build and edit multi-dimensional analysis, visualisations, and reports from the iPad – without any help from IT
  • Native navigation and browsing – pinch to zoom, tap to select, drag and drop, and swipe through open documents
  • Personalise the user experience - tagging favourites, customising start-up location

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