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Does your CRM contain hidden insights that could help drive your sales strategy and efficiencies within your sales cycle

As good as CRM is at capturing data in real-time, there are limitations when gleaning certain insights from the information.

CRM systems need to be process driven, systematic and ‘locked-down’ to avoid increasing the risk of processing errors, missing data and lost opportunities. This, combined with concerns involving security, training and customisations, leaves users having to make do with what’s available within their CRM system’s standard reporting functions.

Take your CRM data to the next level

At Ometis, we believe that you can put your data to work for you.

The Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) Platform instantly provides a flexible, intuitive and user configurable reporting solution that connects directly to your CRM solution.

It also removes all of the challenges and risks associated with reporting from within CRM, with the added benefit of allowing it to be combined with other, relevant data to create a more complete vision.

For instance –

Do you want to combine social media data with Mac addresses from your Wi-Fi to analyse sentiment and footfall? And do you want to combine this data with weather data (via the Qlik DataMarket) to see if footfall increases when it’s raining? Including transactional data from your EPOS system shows if this change in footfall actually impacts sales.

This is just one example of how we’ve helped an organisation upgrade their reporting from ‘what’s available’ to ‘what’s possible’ and make the most of their data.

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