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Businesses tend to hold much of their core data in very structured formats such as databases. Databases provide a good foundation for much of the analytics that most organisation need to generate, however, the sheer prevalence of tools like Excel mean that often key data is held external to the core databases.

In addition to internal use of flat-files such as Excel, many customer/supplier relationships have evolved to the point of trying to integrate data from both parties to provide a 360 degree view of the supply chain. Often this is done by using in-built data extraction engines inside the core databases to export data to flat-files – which then need to be brought together to complete the puzzle.

Qlik provides seamless integration

The industry-leading Qlik business intelligence (BI) platform provides seamless integration of flat-files out-of-the-box. In addition to Excel, this includes CSV, XML and other delimited file notations. The great thing about Qlik is that not only is it simple to bring all of these data sources together into one set of analytics – you can easily integrate it with your core database data too!

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