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Bringing social data into your business intelligence (BI) solutions allows you to recognise and capitalise on new insights that would otherwise not be realised.

Being able to associate information found in the social sphere to insight found in other data sources gives organisations the ability to uncover opportunities never before possible.

The combination of disparate data sources, such as internal and social data, can show you distinct correlations proving that all data can be combined, and has the ability to assist your company.

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In the modern age, it is increasingly important to integrate data from social media into your corporate strategy. Whether it is understanding the perception of your organisation, monitoring complaints or reacting to sales offers - social media provides insights that were not available just a few years ago.

We use our expert know-how of the Qlik Platform, combined with our partnership with QVSource to deliver sentiment analysis for many customers. Just a few of the questions they are looking to answer include:

  • How did the increase in social activity affect sales?
  • What are our competitors doing with social media?
  • What’s trending and where?
  • Which of our products are ‘liked’ the most?
  • Is our corporate profile improving?

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